Course rules

  • Wearing of blue jeans, jogging pants, t-shirts and mini skirts are not permitted.  

  • The time allowed for a game of golf is four and a half hours.  

  • If your score is twice the par, pick up your ball and drop it on the green.  

  • Keep the carts on the path and no closer than 30 feet from the green. ( 2 persons maximum per cart) 

  • Limit of three minutes(3), by a group or by hole, searching for a lost ball.  

  • Please replace all divots and repair ball marks on greens.  

  • Before leaving a bunker, carefully rake out all foot prints and ball marks.  

  • No practice swings on departures.  

  • It is strictly forbidden to bring liquor or beer on the premises.  

  • Only golfers on the course, caddies are not permitted, no visitors, no baby stroller, you can not bring animals.

  • Players must be over twelve (12) years of age.

  • Let the faster golfers play through.  

  • The Marshall is the authority on the course.

  • Each golfer must have his equipment or use a rental set.

  • For your security, all players must leave the course before darkness. The darkness arrive 15 minutes after sunset.

  • “No Show” after the second warning by email, the customers who had reserve a time and did not cancel the missing person(s) in his reservation will have to pay before his next tee off a fee of 50$ the first time and 100$ the following time.   It is your responsability to cancel online your tee time

  •  Rules of the blue handicap flag

A blue handicap flag on a golf cart signifies that the driver of said cart has a disability that makes walking to their ball a hardship

  1. A blue handicap flag applies only to the individual(s) with the disability.

  2. An able-bodied golfer riding with a disabled golfer may not take advantage of the blue handicap flag policy and must walk to his or her ball.

  3. If more than one disabled person is in a group, they must ride together.

  4. When the course is wet, the person with the blue handicap flag can go 90-degree.

  5. Carts must remain on paths for every tee boxes and for greens except, for green #5,#11, within 10 feet.