Public driving range Montreal area 

The driving range is open everyday from 8:00 am and you have until  5:45 pm to buy your bucket.

We lend 1 club per person if you do not have one.

Open to the public you don’t need a reservation

COVID-19 Instructions ****

You have to wash your hand close to the machine, keep a distance of 2 meters with the other people and put your empty backet in the identified bin



Do you hit balls often ?  If you  buy minimum 14, 30, 65 buckets of balls you can get the rechargeable Golf Dorval chip card for free !!!

Available at the Golf Dorval pro-shop

Benefits of the Golf Dorval chip card

  • Self service at the ball dispenser

  • Rechargeable 

  • No expiry date

  • Replacement of the card in case of loss, with previous balance ***

Public driving range near Montreal

*** Ask for details ***

Public Driving range Montreal area with 39 partitions on mats, , 1 sand trap and 2 golf nets target and 8 stalls on grass  but the grass section is closed for the fall  offering ideal conditions for practice and leisure. SHUTTLE SERVICE FROM 12H00 TO CLOSING 

  • BUCKET OF BALLS (1)             7.75$

  • BUCKET OF BALLS (6)           40.00$  (6.67$ each)

  • BUCKET OF BALLS (14)         84.00$  (6.00$ each)

  • BUCKET OF BALLS (30)       168.00$  (5.60$ each)

  • BUCKET OF BALLS (65)       315.00$   (4.85$ each)