Is Golf Dorval open to the public ?

Yes, Golf Dorval is a public golf course open to everyone

How much it cost to play golf ?

The rates can be different, depending if it is during the week or week-end, or how many holes you want to play. Click here to see the rates.

How many days in advance is it possible to reserve a tee time ?

It is possible to reserve 3 days in advance for the public and 4 days in advance for the Dorval  Select Club members (you must be Dorval citizen’s to join the Dorval Select Group). Dorval citizen’s that are not part of the Dorval Select club can reserve 4 days in advance after a first registration.

Is it possible to reserve the rooms for banquet ?

Yes,  it is possible to reserve. We have 2 rooms that can accommodate 60 persons each for meeting or other events or if the two rooms are put together it can accommodate around 150 persons. Perfect for an event like a wedding. The rooms are available from April 1st until December 22nd.