Playing time


The normal playing time of a golf game is  4h30 + maximum 10 minutes at the snack bar after 9 holes.

Here are a few tips to speed up the game.

  • At the tee off, prepare yourself to be ready when it is your turn.

  • After your first shot, prepare yourself for the second one. Don’t wait for  everyone to hit their shot.

  • Limit of three (3) minutes per  hole  searching for a lost ball.

  • If your score is twice the par, pick up your ball and drop it on the green.

  • When you get to the green, leave the gas cart on the pathway on the other side of the green to be ready to leave after you put.

  • Write your score on the scorecard at the next tee off, to avoid delaying the golfers following you.


Advice for beginners


  • Practice at the driving range on the mats or on the grass section at the far end.

  • Register for lessons with a golf pro to have a good base.

  • Play at the end of the day, to avoid delays to other  golfers. 

  • Allow the faster golfers to play through.

  • Try to play  with partners who know how to play.

  • Play best ball to play faster and  not get discouraged.

  • If you are not playing in a competition, you can use a tee on the fairway if you have a problem with your 3 or 5 wood.


*** IMPORTANT  The marshall is the authority on the course

For your security, all players must leave the course before darkness.