“À la carte menu”

 The Resto-Bar  “Bistro 19”  is open from 11:30pm to 9:00pm

Reservations 514-266-8338

email: chucksfood@gmail.com

The 2023 detail menus are not available for the moment.

Bistro 19 Weekly specialsPrix + taxes
Soup of the day3.99$

Hot Nachos16.99$
Chicken souvlaki (2 ), potato / rice / Grec salad18.99$
Chicken wings (fries & crudite) 10 wings19.99$
Hamburger steak 8oz / fries18.99$
Club sandwich17.99$
Homemade Fish-N-Chips + fries ( 1 piece)15.99$
Homemade Fish-N-Chips + fries ( 2 pieces)18.99$
Burger Bistro-1917.99$
Cheeseburger, lettuce, tomato,red onion18.99$
Tempura Shrimps (6) & Caesar Salad17.99$
Pasta Toscana
Linguini, chicken, mushrooms,bacon,
creme sauce
Pizzas or calzone (10 inch) Pepperoni, Thai chicken, all dressed, veggie, meatlovers15.99$